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About Tammy Prince​

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Hi, I am Tammy Prince. I am here today to tell you a little about me and my Journey and how The Emotion Code came to find me. I was not a happy child - content maybe but not really happy. I struggled with my identity, my weight and trying to make and keep friends. I was probably depressed and very anxious. I felt like I was being judged all the time, and really had no understanding about self love.

As I grew older through out my 20’s I was a stay at home mom with three small boys. It was a challenge. My husband worked many hours in our community as well as, worked away from our home, and was gone for months at a time. As the kids got older I went back to school, I loved going to school, I loved to learn. When I finished school I needed a job so I got a job as a cashier in a grocery store because now I had student loans to pay. Here was the problem I was not confident in what I had learned and did not go after a job in the field of Travel tour management. I stayed at the grocery store for 10 years basically until my student loans were paid off. But I didn't love it it was just a job. It was uncomfortable and lonely and did play in to my anxiety seeing so many people each day and putting on that brave happy face.

So moving forward I have spent my whole life still trying to figure out who I am. The kids are now grown and don't need me looking over their shoulder constantly. I still struggle with my weight, it is still a huge challenge in my life always trying and never feeling like I am having success. but I am discovering new things about myself everyday.

Last year I met a wonderful women Permelia, I found her at the Oceanside Wellness Show in Parksville, She told me about The Emotion Code. I was so excited that I bought the book and read it in a day. I was blown away and so excited. Then one day I was looking through an email from the Community Farm Store in Duncan that said there was a couple of people doing demonstrations of the Emotion Code, So I went and stayed for both. I had never seen anything like it. They were getting results right there on the spot. I came home later that day and basically walked in the door and told my husband that he should have come with me to the demonstration, then I proceeded to get all riled up explaining to him what I had just witnessed. It was exhilarating. I found my passion.

I ordered the certification course and passed the exam with flying colours. Then I did my 30 case studies, what an experience, going in, working with people and animals not necessarily knowing what the outcome will be. Each session learning something new about myself and my ability to help others emotionally or physically feel better.

I have witnessed some wonderful transformations, ones that have blown my mind. Just to list a few I helped my son get sleep after having nightmares for 3 weeks. I did a session on him and he called the next day to tell me he had a good nights sleep.

Sometimes my husband will call me from the road and tell me that he has pain and could I help him release it. I will ask him about his pain when he gets home and usually he will tell me that it is gone.

I also worked on my other son who had dandruff of all things, it turned out that he had 3 trapped emotions from work that caused it and after we released a few days later it cleared up.

So what the Emotion Code means to me is self- love and self -healing.