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Heart Wall

Another important discovery by Dr. Bradley Nelson who invented The Emotion Code is the heart wall. It appears that trapped emotions gather in the Heart Chakra forming collective energy which is called a Heart wall. The subconscious mind creates this as a form of protection from emotional, spiritual or physical pain or injury.

It is an important protective mechanism which can be absolutely necessary to help you survive certain traumas in your life.

Once these hard times are over, it is no longer needed and is keeping you back from your full potential.

Energetically, the heart is the center of your being. It controls the rhythms of the body (including the brain), and it is also a source of intuitive knowing.

A Heart wall blocks the heart energy and gets in the way of the body having full access to the heart.

A Heart Wall will block your ability to fully give and receive love and to be in satisfying relationships with yourself or others.

We often hear of people feeling heartbroken.

This is when we are experiencing deep sadness and loss. We feel an underlying sadness or disconnection from a part of our lives that is difficult to explain. This could be due to a heart wall.

Clearing the Heart wall allows individuals to ‘feel’ again, to allow love into their lives, to nourish, care and value themselves. A session with the Emotion Code can literally change your life – give it a try, I have helped many people working as an emtional code practioner 

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