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Colleen K.

I visited Tammy is June 2018. I felt an instant connection with Tammy. She intuitively knew that I had a lot I was dealing with....with my daughter and husband. She helped me understand that my current plight was not of my doing and that this to shall pass. She was very empathetic and understanding. We had an instant bond was formed. As time seemed to slip away I felt better with each passing moment as she released my hidden energy blocks one by one. First my back and hips stopped hurting...then I felt lighter with each passing moment,  then my headache disappeared. I walked out of this appointment feeling rejuvenated and determined to not repeat past mistakes and with a great deal of fortitude to carry on. 

Mary M.

The Emotion Code is another tool that continues to help me have more balance in my life. My family and I are grateful for Tammy’ s help as we continue to heal from generational trauma, and grief. As many of us come from extended families, we are continually trying to find ways to help our healing. It's not that we can stop life bumps in our journeys, but to do like our ancestors did & carry on our teachings in wellness. I am always thankful, because I trusted & decided to help myself and take care of myself. The Emotion Code has helped my family, my dog and myself to be healthier & happier - thank you Mary.

Cheryl H.

I am quite familiar with different forms of energy work but had not had an experience with emotion code. Tammy did several sessions with my sometimes reactive dog. It wasn't a training issue and so I was open to trying alternative solutions.

As it often is with humans during their transformation, there was an initial shift for the better and then he reverted for a bit. And then he really made a permanent shift for the better that myself, my husband and my staff have noticed. He is much calmer and not bothered in situations that would have been very difficult for him previously. It is wonderful to see the relief it has brought him!

Jan M.

I had been working on dismantling a wall around my heart for years and with Tammy's help, it is gone! That wall was built by me in my early childhood to protect myself from being emotionally hurt. It did it's job very well but also isolated me, preventing me from fully interacting with others. The time came when I realized that my wall - my protection barrier - wasn't serving me and the inner work i was doing started to dismantle it but with Tammy's help using The Emotion Code, that wall is totally gone, letting me open up so my interactions are now more meaningful and much deeper. I am so appreciative for this new freedom! Thank you, Tammy..

Jane W.

When I first went to Tammy for an Emotional Code session I had no idea what to expect. I had not idea “how” it would go. I was surprised by how casual and relaxed it all was! I went to see her because of never ending upper back/ shoulder pain that just would not go away. To me it was a knot that someone just needed to “dig” their thumbs into but it had not worked so now I was interested in finding out more about trapped emotion! I knew that it was true and real but no idea how to release them. Tammy is a gift! We sat comfortably in her living room and began. She proceeded with questions (that do not require answers, just acknowledgement) and released MANY trapped emotions! When I left I felt lighter and the pain was not entirely gone but entirely less! I have had 4 sessions with her and always come away lighter in spirit and painfree (in the last 3 sessions). She has released generational emotions and emotions that were not even mine! It is truly amazing and it works!

I recommend Tammy and her gentle approach making you feel so very comfortable while releasing painful and long trapped emotions! Tammy genuinely cares about helping others!  

Nick P

The Emotion Code is probably one of the few things that helped me. I recommend Tammy Prince from Ideally Blissful . The Emotion Code really helped me at one of my emotionally low periods. I had been suffering from stress and lack of sleep because of nightmares that went on for three weeks . So Tammy did one sessionI of The Emotion Code and I had the best sleep and am still sleeping good with no more nightmares. I highly recommend Tammy, she can help you like how she helped me.

Susanne P.

I had some deep seeded blocks around money and I discovered that for the most part it was stemmed from my fathers’ side of the family and most was with the men. As I reflected on what I did know about my heritage of the men the discussions of money were negative. I asked Tammy to help me release the blocks I had around money.

It was fascinating to see how far back this went in my heritage! She helped me release my blocks and after I felt like I had a weight lifted off my shoulders. It was literally a physical feeling of release. It has benefited me in many ways one being the little voice that tries to step in about lack I nip it in the bud way quicker now since my session Thank you Tammy.

Leah R.

Doing just one session of emotion code with Tammy Price was AMAZING!

It was so interesting to understand how our emotional pain manifests itself into our physical pain. By working with Tammy the pain in my foot is so much better. I now recognize that by taking care of my emotional self my physical pain is helped.

I will most definitely be working with Tammy again in the future!

-Leah Robutka 

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