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The Emotion Code is The Best Form of Energy Healing

I can help you release the blocks that hold you back from being totally healthy, from being successful in business and from finding love and happiness in your life. By finding the underlying imbalances and blocks that prevent you from having the Health and Happiness you desire.

 Do you want to be free of pain and suffering, physically and emotionally? Emotionally charged events from the past can still be plaguing you in the form of “Trapped Emotions”- emotional energies that  occupy your body. These emotions can create pain, blocks and even disease. They can create a visable effect on the way you think, the choices that you make and how successful you will be. They can also, gather around your heart and create a “Heart Wall” which may block you from giving and receiving love freely. Just about everyone has some amount of emotional baggage and releasing these Trapped Emotions often results in the immediate disappearance of your physical problems, self sabotage and recurring relationship difficulties.


Dr Bradley Nelson

Trapped Emotions-The Invisible Epidemic

What is a Trapped Emotion? Our emotional baggage consists of actual energies, the energies of intense emotional events that we’ve experienced that are stuck in our physical bodies. They distort the normal energy field of the body, creating pain, malfunction, inflammation, mental problems and all manner of disease. They are the driving force behind all manner of mental illnesses.

When trapped emotions are contributing to physical illness, removing them can help. Sometimes, the release of a trapped emotion will bring instantaneous and dramatic effects but most of the time, the effects are more subtle, yet they always seem to bring a greater sense of contentment and peace, whether they are immediate or gradual. The Emotion Code will bring a new joy, freedom, serenity because you will be freeing yourself from your old emotional baggage. The results can bring balance, a new inner calm, and profound healing where nothing else has before.

Some of the circumstances that often result in trapped emotions:

  • loss of loved one
  • divorce or relationship problem​
  • financial hardship
  • home or work stress
  • miscarriage or abortion
  • physical trauma
  • physical or emotional combat
  • physical, mental, verbal or sexual abuse
  • long term stress
  • negative beliefs about yourself or others
  • negative selftalk
  • rejection
  • physical illness
  • feelings of inferiority
  • internalization of feelings
  • neglect or abandonment

This list is by no means all-inclusive.

Some of the symptoms associated with trapped emotions:

Depression, inflammation, anger, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, anxiety, digestive problems, destructive behaviour, worry, diabetes, adrenal fatigue, pain, sleep disorders, hormonal problems, organ imbalances, self sabotage, weight problems, cancer, lupus, relationship problems, suicidal tendencies, weakened immune system, high blood pressure, structural misalignments, nutritional deficiencies, allergies. They either stop or slow down the body’s healing process.

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Do you have a trapped emotion?

It isn’t really possible to tell by looking at someone if they have a trapped emotions. The vast majority of us do have trapped emotions, simply because of what we have been through and who we are, at this point, in our journey. Also, not every emotional event will create a trapped emotion. When an emotion is trapped, it is partly because of extenuating circumstances-such as when we have lowered resistance or when we are overly tired or otherwise off-balance. When our bodies are not at their best, we are more vulnerable to developing trapped emotions.

There is a direct correlation between emotions we experience and the various organs of the body. It was believed that the organs themselves actually produced the emotions that people feel. In other words, if you are feeling the emotion of fear, your kidneys or bladder are creating that particular energy. If you are feeling grief, it is being produced by the lungs or the colon. If you are feeling anger, the emotion is emanating from the liver or the gallbladder. If you are feeling betrayal, the emotion is emanating from the heart or the small intestines.

People are usually surprised to learn that the various organs in our bodies produce the emotions that we feel. Suppose, you have a trapped emotion of anger. You’ve carried it around for years. As a result, whenever you come into a situation where you could become angry, it’s much more likely that you will become angry, because in a fascinating and literal way, part of you is already angry. When a trapped emotion is released, the effect is incomparable to any other form of therapy. Often, the emotion and behaviour that has been so difficult to shake, is simply gone. Also, even if a trapped emotion emanated from a particular organ, it may become lodged literally anywhere in your body. I have found that it tends to lodge into an area of the body that is in a weakened, injured or in an imbalanced state.

I believe that removing trapped emotions is vital to your quality of life. By releasing them, you will be removing the unwanted negative energy-clouds that are hampering the normal function of your tissues and you will be helping to re-establish the free flow of energy, thus helping your body to heal itself. Your mind will return to a more natural state without the drama, pain and weight of your old emotions blocking you from progressing in your life.