Ideally Bl​issful​​

Ideally Blissful

It's time to release Your Emotional Baggage

One Trapped Emotion at a Time

The Emotion Code works to get rid of the emotional baggage that causes pain, depression, anxiety, and self-sabotage.

Contact me to help you remove the baggage to create the life or business you desire.

Tammy Prince

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

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Tammy Prince​

I am a certified Emotion Code Practitioner working with animals and people of all ages—young and old, athletes and non-athletes. I use the simple but powerful energy healing technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code—How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundance Health, Love, and Happiness.

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The Emotion Code and Trapped Emotions

Everything is energy—from furniture, animals and food in your house to your emotions. Each emotion, just like everything else in our universe, has a  very specific vibration. Emotions play an imperative part of our human experience and are normally felt and then processed immediately. However, sometimes these negative emotional energies becomes “trapped” during intense emotional events. These trapped emotions are invisible “balls of energy” the size of a Lemon to a grapefruit  that can lodge anywhere in the body. This negative energy distorts our normal energy field, causing imbalance in our body, which can lead to  pain or disease.

Clearing these  trapped emotions can give immediate relief for pain, but so many other symptoms, too. Trapped emotions can cause inflammation, pain, congestion, self-sabotage, recurring emotional distress, depression, anxiety and be related to phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder. Trapped emotions can be related to almost everything! A single trapped emotion can create both physical and emotional problems. The Emotion Code is about finding these trapped emotions and releasing them forever. It is all explained in the The Emotion Code book.

Why it is important to release Trapped Emotions?

 Releasing trapped emotions provides better health  and general wellbeing .

 iAs well as, increased joy and happiness  and greater success in all areas of life.


How does this work? 

 Sessions are 30 – 45 minutes. They can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype or Zoom.

The Emotion Code

Working With Animals and Children

By releasing trapped emotions from children, it  may result in your children becoming more confident, open, loving and being able to cope better with their everyday stresses.

Animals can become calmer, less frighten,  and more trusting.

When working with animals or children I get the parent or guardians  permission to work with them. Neither the animal or child needs to be present during the session.

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 More Testimonials

Testimonial - Jan M.

I had been working on dismantling a wall around my heart for years and with Tammy's help, it is gone! That wall was built by me in my early childhood to protect myself from being emotionally hurt. It did it's job very well but also isolated me, preventing me from fully interacting with others. The time came when I realized that my wall - my protection barrier - wasn't serving me and the inner work i was doing started to dismantle it but with Tammy's help using The Emotion Code, that wall is totally gone, letting me open up so my interactions are now more meaningful and much deeper. I am so appreciative for this new freedom! Thank you, Tammy..

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